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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Travel Advice to My Future Self

In all of my journeys, I keep various lists in the back of my journals... best/worsts, the soundtrack, books, favorite phrases... In preparing for this crazy journey, I've been trying to listen to my own advice. This is a mix of my travel advice to myself taken from my Europe and Thailand journals:

Lessons I've Learned:
- Bring a knife & a corkscrew.
- Clean clothes are overrated.
- Don't wait to take a photo you want; take it in the moment.
- Always try the typical regional cuisine, even if you think you don't have the money to.
- Do not plan more than a few days ahead; plans always change & they will.
- Take travel advice from friends & guidebooks with a large grain of salt; most places were much cooler than I'd heard.
- For the most part, avoid other americans.
- Whatever you do, take care of your shoes.
- Get lost on purpose.
- Pack the minimum & you've still got too much shit.
- Impulse buys make some of the best souvenirs.
- The world is constantly getting smaller.
- Everything always works out.
- When in doubt, trust your instincts. OR listen to a trusted Phish jam.
- Free stuff is usually the best stuff.
- Take the train whenever possible, or at the least avoid flying.

* Everything is possible.
* You'll always have you; and you fuckin rock.


Anonymous said...

if i don't see you in some foreign country (i don't have plans so far) by this time next year i will have failed. i'd better start making some $$...

-Rishi Trivedi

Hadrick V. said...

Hola Coco,
Un mensaje de tu amiga "Tica", asi nos dicen a los Costarricenses.
Te deceo un un feliz y seguro viaje. Si decide visitar Costa Rica, cuente con hospedaje en la playa de Matapalo, Quepos.
Bendiciones !!

Anonymous said...

"Whatever you do, take care of your shoes" Hmmmm.....sounds familiar. I wish I got to speak with you b4 you left. I'll send you good messages and vibes along your journey. Take care and have a blast. Jessica D