countin' the days

Friday, September 18, 2009

Yikes! (A Sidenote)

It has been many, many months since my last post. My trip continued on, unbounded, into the wilds of Asia. My blogging did not. This is my apology for being a total slacker, for abandoning my blogging responsibilities, for doing all these fantastic things in wondrous Asian places and not writing about it here at all. Mostly I've disappointed myself, but hey, I'm throwing this apology out to the world at large anyway.

Suddenly, the inevitable has happened: 6 months have passed, I'm back in the States, the trip is over. >sigh< I am compelled to write about everything that went down in the Far East and do some serious catching up. So I will. My stories & photos will appear here, much belated, but true to form. Dates will not match up, inevitably things will be left out, but this blog will be an accurate representation of ALL my travels, damnit. So stay tuned.

I would, however, like to take a quick moment to blame China. There are scores of excellent, inexpensive, high-speed internet cafes littered around China that, aside from the haze of stale cigarette smoke that hangs in the air, have only one flaw: they block access to thousands and thousands of websites. My blog is one of them. (Why?!?) The Great Firewall of China is no myth, and is a very efficient system for censoring boatloads of useful & unbiased information from its billion citizens. I could access Facebook in China for exactly one week of the seven I spent there. In any case, I was robbed of time to update this blog because I quite literally couldn't even get near it. Damn you, China.