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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh España

Barcelona!!! I´m back in Spain for the first time in almost 3 years (gasp), and I feel right back at home. Everything here is wonderfully familiar and I find myself wondering why I ever left. Equally as fun as getting back into the swing of Spanish culture is remembering all the awesome little things I had totally forgotten about: old ladies calling each other "hombre," cafe con leche y pan con tomate, dreadlock mullets, shirts in English that make no sense, gelado, the after-siesta cruise around town, and so much more. The only bit of sadness is that I no longer have a place down south to call home... but maybe someday I will again. And, for now, I have a really sweet 3-bedroom apartment right here in the middle of Barcelona that I am calling home, and aside from being a complete icebox, it´s pretty fabuloso. Oh, Spain.

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Ryan Correll said...

So this editor that I worked with about a year ago on King Kong called me out of the blue today.. The reason he called, was to tell me that my bottle of absynth was ready that he had been making for the last 14 months!! HE HE!! He has spent half his life traveling around the world trying different wormwood to make his own personal batch.. MMM!!! Throw one back for me!