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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Taxation Without Representation

I arrived in Washington DC last week on the day of a huge snowstorm. Everyone on the plane seemed highly concerned, but no, not me -- I landed in the Capital with a huge, silly grin on my face and a genuinely giddy attitude about the whole affair. Come on, it's snow! It's beautiful! I haven't seen any snow at all for 2 years! My old housemate (and soon-to-be LA resident) Kevin picked me up at the airport, and whisked me away to the blue house with the purple door in Columbia Heights, where I spent the evening hugging other housemates, building a snowman, drinking wine, and watching Project Runway. What an arrival!

The following 10 days have been par for the DC course: visiting favorite bars, reuniting with my DC homies, stopping in at Busboys & Poets for free drinks, attending lively social gatherings, drinking Baileys & hot chocolate and Yuenglings, and lots & lots of dancing. The weekend was packed full of events, the first of which was a Latke party at my old place. This is a yearly Hanukkah tradition, where hundreds of little potato pancakes get fried up, leaving the house and its residents smelling distinctly like fried food for quite some time, and lots of random & not-so-random people come over to eat the food and start a dance party in the dining room.

Naturally, the morning after brought your typical Saturday brunch, cooked up by me & Annie and served promptly around 2pm once everyone dragged themselves out of bed, just in time to eat but somehow conveniently missing out on the cooking part. The next night saw another party, this one for a non-profit called GirlsRock DC that Annie is helping out with. She, of course, went all out with the costume (it was a "hair party"). While she played hostess, Wes & I held up the fort outside; until he got a rather lesbian-like haircut early in the morning (in all fairness, all the other clients that evening were lesbians) and for a mix of odd reasons eventually we all decided it'd be best to get the hell out of there. It was a rather strange affair, but for $5 I got to both help out a good cause and drink a bottomless cup of beer. Not bad.

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