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Friday, June 01, 2007

Keep on Marching

After over two weeks of climbing the peaks in Krabi, tomorrow our little threesome is off to cover some kilometers and cross some borders. First stop is Malaysia, where we'll keep on climbing at some sweet-sounding areas that just got put up in February 2007. New routes, fresh bolts, un-polished rock, and few other climbers.... excellent!

After whatever little bit of time in Malaysia, the next stop is looking to be Indonesia! Due to my crappy knowledge of geography, I thought Indo was a non-possibility for this trip, but I was wrong. It's a quick ferry ride from Malaysia over to Sumatra, and then all the other 17,500 islands of Indo are just waiting for us. Well, maybe not... but I'm really excited to discover at least some of what Indonesia has to offer. And even better, unexpectedly including Indonesia into the itinerary reminds me that I'm on the kind of trip, with the kind of freedom, that allows me to go in any direction, at any time, to almost any country. It's a beautiful thing.

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