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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gone Wild

Reluctantly, we left Lesotho... but it was time to get to the beach. We headed straight for the Wild Coast, a region of absolutely pristine coastline that, for
mostly f-ed up reasons having to do with cultural misunderstanding, hate, and apartheid, has been left untouched. The region is also famous for Pondo Fever, a certain ailment acquired from a certain magical plant that makes you never, ever want to leave. It's safe to say that I have now acquired a healthy, happy dose of Pondo Fever and am totally in love with the Wild Coast and all the fantastic people, locals and otherwise, who inhabit it.

I've been here for the last two weeks (what day is it?) and it's been absolute heaven. I have lots more to add about this but it will have to wait for another time when the internet is less expensive, works faster, and the Indian Ocean isn't lapping at the white sand steps away from the lodge. So more updates soon.

But for now, I am alive & well, enjoying life to the point of ridiculousness, and feeling like I've finally found somewhere that feels like home. We've been living completely out of the tent, since camping is both the cheaper and way more awesome option at every backpacker hostel. We've also been enjoying the "self-catering" option, which means cooking for yourself in hooked up backpacker kitchens at each lodge. So we've been eating fantastically, sleeping in awesome locations, and saving lots of money at the same time. South Africa is a dream come true.

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stephen said...

Hey you...I am really enjoying your dance around the planet...pocket some pondo for us.