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Monday, October 30, 2006

"How Are You Gonna Pull This Off?"

As of right now, 12:01 am on 10/30/06, I've got exactly seven weeks until I board a plane headed for the next big -- monumentally big -- chapter of my life: an open-ended voyage composed of one-way flights in mostly eastwardly directions through 4 different continents, with no return flight scheduled or planned. Seven weeks until I leave it all behind to chase a dream I've had since the first time I left this continent: to travel around the world without a timeframe, without restriction, without much direction, and with the ultimate goal of settling myself into life in a new country.

So how am I gonna pull it off? I've been getting this question a lot. People really want to know how it can be possible for me to throw my life into a backpack and wander around the world for an indefinite length of time. The answer is simple, really: I just AM. I'm gonna bring all the money I have, and the least amount of stuff I can manage to survive with, and I'm just gonna go. Because it's my dream, and it can come true. Because it's the right time and maybe the only time. Because there's nothing better than traveling!!!

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longislandcowboy said...

hey baby! you're the best! we are gonna kick some major ass in this world... i love you. xoxo jojo